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Grades & Attendance


Grades & Attendance Check

Parents and Students can access the Portal to view academic progress  and attendance.  

  • If you are a first time portal user, or require a password reset, please email & make your request with the appropriate grade-level counselor for account information.  *An email is required.

Reporting Absences & Absence Notes

Absence reporting and absence notes may be dropped off at the MAIN OFFICE, to Ms. Carol Malani.  Attendance absences may be called in to (808)313-5300.



Report Cards & Mid-Quarter Progress Reports

Mid-Quarter Progress Reports and end-of-term Report Cards are usually distributed to students via student Homerooms for Mid-Qtr1, QTR 1, Mid-Qtr2, QTR 2 / SEM1, Mid-Qtr 3, QTR 3, and Mid-Qtr 4.  QTR4 / SEM 2 / Final Year-End Report cards are mailed home in June after the school year has ended.  Please see the Report Card Calendar  below for specific dates when reports are sent home. 

MQ1:  September 6, 2022
Q1:  October 18, 2022
MQ2:  November 15, 2022
Q2 | Sem 1: January 12, 2023
MQ3:  February 8, 2023
Q3: March 29, 2023
MQ4:  April 25, 2023
Q4 | Sem 2 | Year:  Mailed after June 7, 2023