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The 2023 Maunakea Coin Contest Window is Now Open!

If your child would like to enter the 2023 Maunakea Coin Contest, please download the form and make sure the entry is submitted by Wednesday, March 15th.
  • Print/copy this sheet on letter-size (8.5” by 11”) white paper.
  • LINE DRAWING ONLY. Use a black pen, no colors please.
  • Your design must include 2023.
  • Your design must fit in the circle and must be clearly seen.
  • Your design must include elements of astronomy, environment, and Hawaiian culture.
  • You allow the Coin Contest Committee to modify your design.

Turn in at any KTA Super Store, or mail to:

Kumiko Usuda-Sato

Subaru Telescope, NAOJ

650 North A`ohoku Place Hilo, HI


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