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FREE Three Day Camp with the Lili'uokalani Trust!


Liliʻuokalani Trust would like to invite kamaliʻi ages 11-18 to our Hui ke Ola Nui (Health and Wellness) Camp!!

The resources and challenges within our Hawaiʻi Island communities are direct reflections of how our kamaliʻi act and live. The behavior and lifestyles of each community dictate their identity. With this opportunity, we will influence how to improve our quality of life by highlighting the practices for Ola Nui; to be healthy and strong. 

Project Goal:

Explore practices that increase and motivate healthy behaviors to improve our quality of life and keep our ʻohana safe and thriving.

Project Deliverables:

Liliʻuokalani Trust will:

  • Create a three (3) day health and wellness camp named Hui ke Ola Nui for Hawaiʻi Island kamaliʻi ages 11-18 in June 2021 with goals to:

    • Certify kamaliʻi in CPR/First Aid/AED by the Red Cross

    • Develop an action plan to improve healthy behaviors for self and ʻohana.

    • Identify strengths and assets on Hawaiʻi Island that promotes health-enhancing behaviors.

    • Identify needs and barriers on Hawaiʻi Island that reduces a healthy lifestyle and behaviors.

  • Grow a relationship that reflects each community of Hawaiʻi Island.

  • Assist in addressing urgent relief, creating scaled solutions, building system innovations, and stimulating systems transformation to grow thriving communities for future generations.

Hui ke Ola Nui - Camp details:

June 15 - 17, 2021 (Tuesday-Thursday) 

Olson Trust - Pāhala Clubhouse, Kaʻū

Camp is FREE, no charge!


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