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Mass Evacuation on Wednesday, April 10

Hilo Intermediate School will be conducting its annual school-wide mass evacuation exercise on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 8:30 AM. During our exercise all faculty, staff and students will evacuate the main campus and walk to the Boys and Girls Club of Hilo, which is the designated safety zone for Hilo Intermediate School

There are two routes in which your child may follow. Those students in the lower campus (Buildings A, C, and Gym) will walk across the HIS field, turn right onto Laimana St. and then proceed to the Boys and Girls Club of Hilo. Those students on the upper campus (Buildings D, L, B, and Band) will proceed onto Halai St., take a left onto Haili St., turn right onto Laimana St., and then proceed to the Boys and Girls Club. Once all students are safe and accounted for, the all-clear signal will sound and everyone will proceed back to the Hilo Intermediate Schools main campus.

This is an annual mandatory exercise that all schools must comply with. Please be sure that your child is dressed comfortably, has a jacket in case of rain, and has appropriate footwear for this day. Shoes are strongly recommended. The entire exercise will take approximately 40 minutes and students should be back on campus by 9:10 AM.